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Bring your team to build online forms, collect data, and automate processes without knowing any technical skills.

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Build your forms as if stacking toy blocks

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Drag and drop, that's all!

Building a form has never been this much easy - you don’t have to be a developer or know a single thing about coding to use it.

Customize in your preference.

Create forms that match your brand's style with themes and templates. Use them as is or customize them to suit your needs. Personalize your forms and let your brand do the talking.

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Share your forms via all touch points

URL link

Generate the unique URLs for your forms and share it with your clients, use your own domain and white-label it to gain your branding value.

QR Code

Generate QR code for your form and easily share it with users on smartphones and other mobile devices. Your users can quickly access your form without having to enter a lengthy URL.

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Embed Code

Simply copy the shortcode we provide and paste it into your website. Once your website is loaded, your form will be embedded directly into your website.

Data Insights in an unified interface

Never drop the ball

Manage all submissions from a secure and intuitive dashboard, so that nothing slips through the cracks.

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Get to know your audience

Get a deeper understanding of your forms audience. HeyForm gives you the overview you need to analyze data for your forms in a friendly interface.

Dive into the details

Get the most out of your form data with detailed reporting, uncover insights about how your form is performing, so you can take action to improve your form questions.

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Connect your forms to your favorite apps

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 email template for customer feedback


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Lark Suite

More integrations coming soon!

And more useful features

  • Data Encryption

    All data are encrypted to protect your data & privacy at every layer.

  • Flexible Control

    Close the data collection when you want to. You can change on the fly too.

  • Team Collaboration

    Invite your team members to collaborate together on the data collection work.

  • File Export

    You are the boss of all the data, you can export and download it anytime.

  • Ajax Submissions

    All forms are fully Ajax supported and work with cross origin by default.

  • Captcha

    Get rid of spam submissions by enabling captchas and say hello to a clean inbox.

  • Custom Domain

    Setup custom domain for your team and grow your brand value rapidly.

  • Payment Collection

    Collect payments by enabling integration with popular payment gateways.